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Milan Marhan ascended Peak Korzhenevskaya onl 10.8.2009 from the base camp via normal route in 16 hours. Ten hours up, six hours down. It represents superelevation of  2700 m and distance 11.4 km.


We feel slightly ashamed because we needed seven days (six nights) for the same achievement. :-)


He started early morning at ..., he summited at ... He had load of  9 kg. He worn sneakers at the beginning and switched to unloaded plastic boots in higher altitude. He climbed alone, nobody was helping him with food or fluid or in any other respect.


The achievement was reported on 12.8.  to Alexandr Anatolyevich Gerasimov, the chief of the base camp. He was saying that there is alread better time ascending Korzhenevskaya - 14 hours - and record also cannot be acknowledged for non-compliance with requirements - advanced notification, check points. He agreed however that the achievement should be recorded.


Altitudes and distances on the normal route.

  altitude (m) superelevation (m) distance (km)
Base Camp435000
C15100750 4.8
C25600500 2.5
C36100500 1.8
C46300200 0.3
Total 2720 11.4





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