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Map 1. Ascent to the Domhütte. Beginns at the church in Randa (green line). Blue line is trail to the Domhütte on the Swiss map, violet lines are possible trails when going from the camp Randa. These are however, together with the original trail, endangered by the stone avalanches (red arrow) and abandoned.


Map 2. Ascent to the Dom over the Festiggrat (red line) and descent over the normal route to the Festigjoch (blue line).


Map 3. Klein Matterhorn and Breithorn ridge. Breithorn ridge summits - from the left - Breithorn West 4164 m (main summit, west summit) - Breithorn Middle 4159 m (without name on the map) - Saddle 4022 m (Selle) - Breithorn East 4139 m (Breithornzwillinge on the map, = twin) - Gendarm (second twin) - Roccia Nera. See list of the tracks in the table.


We did not have GPS while climbin Breithorn ridge. Access follows the green line until p. 3824, than deviates to the left following contour 3800 m, than - under Breithorn Middle - starts to rise slightly to reach the distance between bivouac Rossi and the ridge somewhere in the middle (on the black line).


Map 4. Tracks for the region of the Breithorn plateau. See list of the tracks in the table.


Map 5. Tracks in the region of Pollux, Castor and Liskamm.


Table - list of the GPS tracks

track namedescriptioncolororigin
Randa-DomHRanda - Domhüttegreenown recording
FestiggratDomhütte - Dom over Festiggratredown recording
Dom-Festigjochdescent from Dom to Festigjochblueown recording
Kmatt-BreitHKlein Matterhorn - Breithorn West - Breithorn Middleredown recording
BreitHMdescent from Breithorn Middleblueown recording
Italy-plateaufrom Italy over Trockener Steg to plateauvioletown recording 2006
Kmatt-BRoss-RneraKlein Matterhorn - Bivouac Rossi - Roccia Nerablackown recording 2006
Furi-GandegHstation Furi - Gandegghuttesky-blueSwiss Map
GandegH-plateauGandegghutte -
Kmatt-FeligHKlein Matterhorn - Castor -
RAyas-PolluxRif. Ayas -
LiskammQuintino Sella - Liskamm - Rif.
RotenB-Margerittastation Rotenboden - Monte Rosa Hutte - Rif.

Tracks are edited - removed obvious mistakes in measurement (jumps), lumps at the sites of stops etc. Tracks are also sometimes combined from pieces from different sources - e. g. to pick just one recording for section covered by more tracks or to create track with desired course.


GPX file for download (13 tracks - see Table, 65 waypoints)


Main page Zermatt (in Czech)