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Waypoints are taken from internet, maps and our own measurements. Click coordinates for projection into Google Maps. (Format of coordinates is suitable for direct copying in waypoint properties in Mapsource.)


NameElevationRegionLatidude LongitudeComment
Istanbul0TurkeyN40.97625 E28.81439 international airport
Airport Jomo KenyattaNairobiS1.31968 E36.92850
Bus Nairobi1670NairobiS1.28085 E36.81909 bus stop to Tanzania
Czech EmbassyNairobiS1.28878 E36.79329
MuseumNairobiS1.27422 E36.81437 National Museum
Sentrim 680 Hotel1670NairobiS1.28536 E36.82051 our hotel in Nairobi
Slovak EmbassyNairobiS1.28913 E36.80552
Uhuru ParkNairobiS1.29121 E36.81763
KCB ATMNamangaS2.54750 E36.78750border Kenya-Tanzania
Kenyan Immigration Office1329NamangaS2.54726 E36.78658 border Kenya-Tanzania
Namanga borderNamangaS2.54288 E36.79069 border Kenya-Tanzania
Refreshment1318NamangaS2.53816 E36.80602 border Kenya-Tanzania
Arusha Airport1387ArushaS3.36703 E36.62295 Arusha
Bus Arusha1370ArushaS3.37494 E36.70430 bus stop where we changed buses
ATM ChatteredMoshiS3.34893 E37.34203
ATM KilimanjaroMoshiS3.34076 E37.34206
ATM NBC BankMoshiS3.34832 E37.34393
ATM Stanbic BankMoshiS3.34818 E37.34198
Bus Moshi850MoshiS3.34842 E37.34296 bus stop at Clock Tower
Central ParkMoshiS1.28494 E36.81561
Clock TowerMoshiS3.34858 E37.34353
Coffee ShopMoshiS3.35318 E37.34079
Expeditions and MountaneeringMoshiS3.35020 E37.34459 shop
FarmacyMoshiS3.35233 E37.33929
Kilimanjaro HospitalMoshiS3.34894 E37.34181
Mawenzi HospitalMoshiS3.35121 E37.33891
Old Moshi RoadMoshiS3.34879 E37.34406
PoliceMoshiS3.35212 E37.34124
PostMoshiS3.34882 E37.34304 post office
Springlands Hotel780MoshiS3.37791 E37.34349 our hotel in Moshi
TanescoMoshiS3.34675 E37.34203
TaxiMoshiS3.34839 E37.34317
BenchesKilimanjaroS2.97371 E37.47476
Benches2KilimanjaroS2.97801 E37.45989
BridgeKilimanjaroS3.21263 E37.51810
Bridge2KilimanjaroS2.98244 E37.45572
Camp (Third Cave)3927KilimanjaroS3.04373 E37.41089
First summitKilimanjaroS3.00064 E37.42477
Gillman's Point5685KilimanjaroS3.07454 E37.36797 Marangu route
Hans Meyer CaveKilimanjaroS3.07707 E37.37488
Horombo Huts3730KilimanjaroS3.13874 E37.43846 Marangu route
Jiwe la UkoyoKilimanjaroS3.08427 E37.40228
Junction with path to MawenziKilimanjaroS3.08111 E37.39197
Junction with porters' pathKilimanjaroS3.12715 E37.42813
Kambi ya TaabuKilimanjaroS3.14081 E37.45467
Kibo Hut4700KilimanjaroS3.08181 E37.38923 Marangu route
Kikelewa Caves3670KilimanjaroS3.05461 E37.44712 Rongai route
KisamboniKilimanjaroS3.20960 E37.52112
Last water pointKilimanjaroS3.11788 E37.42423
LunchstopKilimanjaroS3.09829 E37.40896
Mandara Huts2717KilimanjaroS3.18157 E37.51329 Marangu route
Marangu Gate1884KilimanjaroS3.24252 E37.51764 Marangu route
Maundi CraterKilimanjaroS3.17245 E37.52157
Mawenzi RidgeKilimanjaroS3.11132 E37.41962
Mawenzi Tarn Hut4309KilimanjaroS3.08027 E37.45657 Rongai route
Rocky plateauKilimanjaroS2.99591 E37.42982
Rongai Gate2003KilimanjaroS2.95933 E37.49522 Rongai route
Second Cave3486KilimanjaroS3.01688 E37.41736Rongai route
Second SummitKilimanjaroS3.00973 E37.41887
Sekimba CampKilimanjaroS2.97366 E37.47479
School HutsKilimanjaroS3.06831 E37.38642
Sign about wildfiresKilimanjaroS2.97560 E37.46454
Sign for KiboKilimanjaroS3.08561 E37.40378
SignpostKilimanjaroS2.97389 E37.47531
Simba Camp2643KilimanjaroS2.98413 E37.44801 Rongai route
Sloping BridgeKilimanjaroS3.15147 E37.47581
Stella Point5752KilimanjaroS3.07814 E37.36264Marangu route
Uhuru Peak5895KilimanjaroS3.07640 E37.35396 summit of Kilimanjaro
William's PointKilimanjaroS3.07820 E37.37769


NameNumber of points Distance (km)Our time (h:m) Ascent (m) Descent (m)Source
1.Rongai-Simba168 6,73:15 6400internet
2.Simba-Kikelewa619 11,77:30 1079109 internet
3.Kikelewa-Mawenzi114 3,53:50 6155internet
4.Mawenzi-Kibo145 8,54:30 566172 internet
5.Kibo-Uhuru-Horombo2476 20,014:301173 1846own
6.Horombo-Marangu1334 208:00 31981own
7.Marangu-Moshi863 47,61:10    own
8.Moshi-Nairobi4065 3619:45    own
Kikelewa-Kibo166 7,2-    map

GPX file for download - 31 waypoints and 9 tracks


Consider that your GPS may not be able to absorb all data. Each device has it's own limitation for number of waypoints, tracks and number of points in track (in eTrex Vista - 500 waypoints, 20 tracks and 500 points/track). Also names of the waypoints and tracks can be shortened after upload due to restrictions in particular GPS. You can test this by uploading data to GPS and downloading it back to empty session of Mapsource. You will see if some tracks are missing or shortened. You can join the tracks together to decrease their number. The number of points per track can be decreased by track splitting or filtering.



Main page Kilimanjaro (in Czech)